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Private Fee Guide

All Denplan patients are entitled to 10% discount off these prices

Routine Treatment

New Patient Examination (inc X-Rays)  £65

Routine Examination (inc X-Rays)         £50

Emergency visit (+treatment from)       £35

Study models from                                 £75

Silver Amalgam filling from                   £75

Small White Composite filling from     £80

Large White Composite filling from     £175

Hygienist Visit per 20 mins                    £50

Airflow Visit per 30 mins                         £80

Extractions from                                     £120

Root Canal Treatment (Single)             £190

Root Canal Treatment (Premolar)        £295

Root Canal Treatment (Molar)             £375

Crowns from                                          £475

Bridgework from/per unit                    £330

Inlay/Onlay from                                   £330

Partial Dentures (Metal)                       £590

Partial Dentures (Acrylic)                     £300

Full Dentures                                       £450-900

Cosmetic Treatment

Tooth Whitening Upper or Lower       £195

Full Mouth Whitening                          £295

Veneers from                                        £500

Direct Composite Veneers                  £250

Metal Free All Ceramic Crowns from £500

Metal Free All Ceramic Bridges from £500

Dental Implants from                           £3100

Short Term Orthodontics from           £1500

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