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We all want to smile freely with poise and confidence, however many people are unhappy about the appearance of their teeth. Mis-shapen crooked or discoloured teeth can make people self conscious of their smile.

At Five Hearts Dental Practice we are here to help you in creating your perfect smile.

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment we’ll ask YOU what you like and dislike about your teeth then we will establish your requirements. You can learn about your options and receive an accurate quote for the treatment involved.

We can help you achieve the natural radiant smile you’re looking for. A variety of different highly effective treatments can be used to achieve this. Tooth whitening is one, along with white fillings, dental implants and veneers. They’re not only functional but aesthetic too.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth can become stained or discoloured from drinking tea, coffee or red wine or from just the ageing process. Tooth whitening is a method we use to improve the colour of teeth back to natural whiteness and health. We believe this is best achieved through a controlled bleaching process.

The system we use is BOUTIQUE WHITENING.

BOUTIQUE take home whitening gel is delivered via a customized bleaching tray. This prescription strength home whitening gel, which is available only from your dentist. We will be able to supervise your treatment from initial consultation through to completion of whitening process

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Dental Assistant

White Fillings

White fillings are a popular choice amongst our patients when they need fillings for their teeth but don’t want the look of amalgam or silver fillings.

Fillings replace part of the tooth, which has been lost through wear, damage or decay. Your dentist will remove this and restore the tooth to its original size and shape with a strong and durable filling.

Today we are much more conscious of our smile and we can choose a natural looking alternative ; the composite or tooth-coloured filling. Nowadays fillings are not only functional but natural looking as well.

After some improvements it is now considered to be as strong as metal filling. White fillings are now a complete replacement for metal fillings.


Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are wafer thin custom-made pieces of tooth coloured porcelain or resin that are used to improve the appearance of your front teeth. They are also used to improve colour or shape of teeth and to hide spaces and give a more uniform and younger looking smile.

Dental Assistant
Dental Surgery


Regular hygiene appointments are integral for your dental maintenance.


We are also offering Air Polish appointments. This is a simple, pain free procedure that utilises air and water pressure with specialised bicarbonate powders to remove plaque and almost ALL staining

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